History and Development



The eastern region of the Småland highlands and the Vimmerby area are famous for their excellent quality pine and spruce. This is where Wallnäs AB was founded almost 120 years ago.

The company was founded by parliamentarian Axel Fagerholm, who was born in Vimmerby in 1844 (see picture to the right). In 1876, he acquired the Ventzelholm glassworks complete with its forest estate of around 1,000 hectares. Forestry became his biggest interest in life and he went on to buy several forest and agricultural estates.

In 1884, he purchased Vallnäs, where he built a manor house to serve as both home and office. Amongst the lager estates he later acquired were Ryssebo 1896, Oppreda 1908 and Skögle 1913.
On 1 June 1896, the articles of association were adopted, stating:

“The purpose of the company is to operate a glasswork, sawmill and agriculture operation in Vallnäs and Ventzelholm, Jönköping County along with other activities related thereto, including  the lease and purchase of property. The company shall have its seat in Vallnäs”. According to the deed of purchase, sawmill equipment was included consisting of two water-powered and four steam-driven saws.


It was not until 1913, when Axel Fagerholm's children came of age, that the company operations began to take shape. At that time, the majority of his estates and enterprises were managed under one roof as a limited company.

In 1897, the glassworks that had been included in the purchase of Ventzelholm were moved to Wästervik, and they were later closed down around 1919. The sawmill industry became concentrated in Vallnäs early on. As the town had its own railway station, unloading facilities were good.

After Axel Fagerholm's death in 1930, his children assumed the sole responsibility for the company. Despite difficult times during the 1930s and the unrest of the 1940s, the operations continued successfully.

A new frame saw line was installed in 1956. In 1969, the agricultural activities of the company were discontinued.
Nowadays, Wallnäs AB is a modern sawmill company, with the technology and capacity to satisfy the high demands and expectations. A continually high pace of investment guarantees effective production and a product range with the quality and accessibility belonging to the absolute best on the market.


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