The majority of our production is geared towards customer orders. The sawmill's range includes sawed and planed spruce and pine timber products of varying dimensions, quality and length.

The most common grading for pine is O/S, V and VI, with O/S being the best quality. For spruce, the following apply: O/S-V, C30, C24. The lengths are sorted into 30 centimetre modules ranging from 1.8 m to 5.7 m



Specialised in large dimensions

We have specialised in large dimensions – sawed and planed – for many years now, measuring up to 100 x 300 mm. Be climate smart and choose our large dimension beams for constructions that provide space for good insulation.


Our modern planing mill planes approximately 100,000 m3 per year. We plane all types of profile, with our machinery managing dimensions of up to 100 x 300 mm.

We also have equipment for:


  • Slotting
  • Precise crosscutting
  • Batching
  • Labelling
  • Quarter packaging


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