Company Facts


Wallnäs AB is a family company. The company was founded in 1896 by Axel Fagerholm and is still owned by his descendants today. In addition to the sawmill operations, the company also owns 7,500 hectares of productive woodland.  The main offices are located to the west of Mariannelund in Eksjö Municipality.

The sawmill produces sawed and planed pine and spruce timber materials and has a strong niche area in work with large timber and with that, larger and wider timber dimensions. The products are primarily used within the construction and furniture industries.



  • Turnover SEK 300 million
  • Credit rating AAA
  • Timber usage: 175,000 m3to.
  • Production volume: 125,000 m3 sawn wood goods.
  • Total number of employees: 50
  • Timber percentage  80% Spruce 20% Pine
  • Environmental certification the forest stand is certified in accordance with PEFC. (
  • Chairman of the board: Per-Axel Fagerholm




Address: Vallnäs, 598 98 Mariannelund, Switchboard: +46 (0)496-508 00, E-mail: