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As a user of forest resources and a part of the wood processing industry, Wallnäs AB shall strive to conduct operations in the most considerate way possible for the environment and the employees.  


We shall meet all appropriate legislation and follow the demands and intentions set by the PEFC™ and FSC® and, as far as possible, assure ourselves that the raw materials we use do not come from illegal or unauthorised logging, key biotopes, forest areas where traditional or human rights are violated, forests where high conservation values are threatened, genetically modified trees or natural forest that has been felled with the aim to utilise the area for plantations or non-forestry related land use. Operations shall be run and improved in such a way that any potentially negative environmental impact is reduced.
Raw materials supplied to Wallnäs AB shall come from forestry that has been environmentally adapted. Wallnäs AB shall ensure and fulfil our commitments to the community, environment and customers and educate and inform personnel of how these requirements and intentions can be met.