Specialist in large timber and forest dimensions

For over 100 years, Wallnäs AB, located in the south Swedish highlands, has produced sawn and planed timber products of the highest possible quality. First-class pine and finely branched spruce have become a recognised feature of our company.

All our material is taken from surrounding areas, guaranteeing very high and uniform quality standard of the green gold of the forests.

We are specialized in felling heavy forest or buying timber in large dimensions.

Passion for high quality and customized products

Since long we are known for being passionate about delivering fine quality products to our customers. Our production is focused on customized products with a strong focus on large timber dimensions. We produce a wide assortment of panels and our mill manages to plane up to 100 x 300 mm.

We combine the large sawmill efficiency and low production cost with the small sawmill's flexibility and accuracy.

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